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5 thrifted decor items I always look for!

I love a good Thirfty Thursday! Searching through the aisles at my local Goodwill is like a treasure hunt every time I go! If you’ve been following me on Instagram for awhile, you probably know that I love incorporating thrifted pieces into my home.

Here are my top 5 decor items I always keep an eye out for!

  • BOOKS! Definitely have to start this list with the staple of all home decor. I like to snag pretty hardcover books to decorate with. Most of the books at Goodwill still have the sleeve on them... peek under that sleeve and see if the hardcover is a color that matches your decor! I like to get a stack of books with a color theme. Currently in my home, I have black & cream colored books!

  • Artwork - Gorgeous hand painted pieces and vintage artwork speak to my soul. I love finding unique art pieces. Using thrifted artwork is a great way to fill up large wall spaces at an affordable price.

  • Vases/Glassware - I LOVE finding unique glassware that I can use as a vase or propagation station. Goodwill is PERFECT for finding those fun pieces! Like this juice pitcher? I’m using it for flowers now!

  • Brass - Brass pieces are the perfect addition to any shelf, hutch, or centerpiece. I like to have brass pieces throughout my house to help tie all my decor together. Candlesticks, cute figurines, book ends, you name it... you can probably find it in brass.

  • Mirrors - Big mirrors can get pricey! That’s why I‘m always looking for mirrors when I’m out thrifting. I found this vintage mirror on my most recent trip!! I was so excited! I like to use mirrors around the house to brighten a room and make the space feel bigger.

Those are the pieces I ALWAYS search for every time I go thrifting!! I also make sure to take a peek at the furniture. I love a good furniture flip!! What do you always keep an eye out for while thrifting!? Let me know in the comment section!

xo Haley



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