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Goodwill finds turned Halloween Decor!

I LOVE checking out Goodwill to see what goodies I may come across! I went to my local Goodwill recently and found a few regular decor pieces that I thought would make perfect Halloween decor. Here is a peek at what I found!

The wooden cabinet and skeleton key art had "Halloween" written all over them. Here's a quick tutorial on how I took these everyday items and turned them into Halloween decorations. But first, you may want to check out this fun IG Reel! :D

First! Matte black spray paint! I used this to paint the entire cabinet and the skeleton key frame. Next I went over the actual skeleton key with a paint brush & black craft paint. I wanted it to have a worn look so I didn't paint the key completely. After those dried, the fun part began!

I found mini glass bottles at my local craft store, Hobby Lobby. I got all of these fun printable labels for free from fellow bloggers! Here are all of the links to the stickers I used.

Because the bottles are miniature, I saved all of the labels to my computer then shrunk them down to fit my bottles. Next, just print them on a full sheet of kraft sticker paper then cut them out with scissors. Apply the stickers and arrange the bottles in the cabinet however you want! Once you have them arranged, hot glue the bottles in place so they wont tip over. DONE! * BONUS *You can even go the extra mile and add glitter, mini skull head or bones, googly eyes to the jars and cabinet.

Once everything is completed! Style all of your goodies together in a cute vignette! Make sure you grab hardcover books from Goodwill to create levels in your styling. I'm so happy I snagged this brass pot! It can be a Cauldron for the month of October and then just blend back into my regular decor the rest of the year.

I had so much fun making this mini Halloween Apothecary cabinet!! You never know what you will find at Goodwill! It is one the best places to find decor for any holiday occasion. Thanks for stopping by to check out this DIY!

xo Haley



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